I derive no sexual pleasure from dominating disgusting men. Indeed, the nudity of most men truly repulses Me. But do not misunderstand Me – that is not to say that I loathe to do it, to dominate men, to gain ownership over them, to control and command them.

I enjoy it thoroughly. I indulge in it whenever the opportunity arises. But, as previously stated, I feel nothing of the joy of it between My legs.

Much like a sadistic child, I simply revel in the chaos, pain, and anguish of the whole affair. I collect men’s hearts, bathe in their devotion, and their pathetic humiliation sustains Me.. much like a dominatrix vampire (ignoring My fondness for pastel colours, sunlight, and normal-shaped teeth).

So, when a submissive male begs Me to dominate him sexually, no interest is awoken in Me; no spark. But plead that I kick you in the groin and take your wallet – that is the kind of exchange that intrigues and amuses Me.

I don’t want to hear about your penis, I want to know how much your soul has been bruised by your obsession with Me.

I would never peg you, but I would delight in truly fucking over your finances.

I would’t even glance in the direction of your dick, but offer your total devotion, and I may consider your company.

A man like you would never arouse a woman like Me.

[ That is not to say that My claims of ultimate excitement over depriving men of their cash are null… simply, different, than most may consider “arousal”. But that topic is for another time. ]